Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pictures and the slide show CD

Well, I finally got an answer to the "where are the pictures" question.

The pictures taken by the photographer the night of the reunion are here for the candids:

and here for the portraits:

As for the CD of the slide show, the file was too big to burn on CD and had to be burned on DVD. The use of a DVD will increase the cost from $6 including shipping to $8 including shipping.

If you are interested in purchasing a DVD of the slide show please let us know. We currently have just a few burned on DVD and will do more as requested.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Slide Show--purchase a copy for yourself!

The slide show that Chris Rossignol created for the Reunion is availalbe for purchase.

The cost is $6.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Friday, June 19, 2009

This, that and more

Just a reminder that at 5pm PST the reunion tickets will go up to $96. Get them before then for $86.

If you have bought a ticket for another classmates, please let us or Great Reunions know WHO that classmate is so, they can be sure to have a name tag for them at the Reunion.

Also, the deadline on the bio books is also today at 5pm. Go to find our class and click on the bio book link. Even if you will not be attending, let your classmates know what you have been up to in the last 20yrs.

If, you plan on reserving a room, do it now. The Queen Mary's website has the rooms listed for less then what they quoted the reunion committee. If you have already reserved a room for a higher price, give them a call and see if they can make it match the website.

We have tickets purchased by classmates in Idaho, Texas and the DC area. Hopefully we can get a few more states represented!

Monday, June 15, 2009

U, V, W, X, Y, Z Last Names as of 6-6-09

Savy Uch in Philadelphia, PA
Pat Uong in Cathedral City, CA
Wendall Valentine in Oviedo, FL
Debbie Van in Long Beach, CA
Thanh Van in Lakewood, CA
Thida Van in Lakewood, CA
Xeo Vang
Fang Vanna in Riverside, CA
Phil Vanvoorhis in Olathe, KS
ANgel Vargas in Long Beach, CA
Paul Vasquez in Stockton, CA
Paul Vaughn In Long Beach, CA
Ruben Verdugo in Long Beach, CA
Noreen Vigiliant in Paramount, CA
Jun Vikchai in Long Beach, CA
Lee Villisid in Seal Beach, CA
Steven Vince in Long Beach, CA
Muy Vong in Anaheim, CA
Denise Voorhees in Reno, NV
Robi Wainwright in Long Beach, CA
Christina Walsh in Brooklyn, NY
Trent Warmke in Manville, NJ
JOhn Warno in San Francisco, CA
Dana Waters in Huntington Beach, CA
Jason Wathers in Elk Grove, CA
Jennifer Watson In Long Beach, CA
Glenn Watt in San Antonio, TX
Kevin Wear in Westminster, CA
Thomas Webb in Torrance, CA
Eric Weis in Long Beach, CA
Erik Welch in Oceanside, CA
Ian Welke in Kirkland, WA
Greg Wells in Santa Monica, CA
Joy Wells in Tampa, FL
Derik Westby in Long Beach, CA
Norma Wetjen in Corona, CA
Christine White in Long Beach, CA
Michaela Wieseckel in Laguna Hills, CA
Jeffrey Wiezorek in Malibu, CA
Deanna Williams in Buckeye, AZ
Timothy WIlliams in Long BEach, CA
Jamie Wilms in Long Beach, CA
Nicole Rory WIlson in Lakeside, CA
Heather WInter in Granite Bay, CA
Kristine Winter in Victorville, CA
Deana Wolfe in Long Beach, CA
Keera Wood in Los Angeles, CA
Christine Woolsy in Santa Fe, NM
Valerie Woolsey in Coos Bay, OR
Yer Yang in Santa Fe Springs, CA
Chespisal Yin in Cedar Park, TX
Chespiseth Yin In Long Beach, CA
Mum YIn In Portland, ME
Norin Youn in Covina, CA
Christopher YOung in Tulsa, OK
Peter Zimmerli in Telford, PA

Sunday, June 14, 2009

"T" Last Names 6-6-09

San Taing in Upland, CA
Maria Tamez in Lodi, CA
Muoi Tamkansom
Chily Tan in Long Beach, CA
Margarit Tan in Garden Grove, CA
Lan Tang in Redwood City, CA
Gregory Tansey in Lake Oswego, OR
Dawn Tappen in Portland, OR
Kie Taylor in Bay Point, CA
Matt Taylor in Long Beach, CA
Paige Taylor in Santa Ana, CA
Hoang Teague
Ramon Tejeda
Sopha Tem In Long Beach, CA
Gian Paul Temperilli in Long Beach, CA
Carolyn Templeton in Long Beach, CA
Danny Tecate
Bora Tep in Lowell, MA
Stephen Terry in Santa Ana, CA
Dung Thai in Yucaipa, CA
Soban Than
Vansy Thaopaset in Corona, CA
Bangorn Thepsilik in Lakewood, CA
Somsi Thien in Everettt, WA
Tamela Thomas in Long Beach, CA
Eric Thompson in Garden Grove, CA
Baisy Thongkham in Federal Way, WA
Stacy THornburg in Waxahachie, TX
Eddie Tobin in Long Beach, CA
Christopher Tomasi in Long BEach, CA
Chris Tompkins in Long Beach, CA
Jaime Torres in Long Beach, CA
Martin Torres in Long Beach, CA
Sokvanny TOuch in Long Beach, CA
Hoa Thi Tra in Fountain Valley, CA
Anh Tran in Brea, CA
Hue Tran in Long Beach, CA
Loan Tran in Baton Rouge, LA
Edna Transon in Long Beach, CA
Lisa Traudt in Elk Grove, CA
Viet Trinh in San Jose, CA
Seth Trostler in Clark, NJ
Teresa Trust in Long Beach, CA

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last names R & S as of 6/6/09

Consuelo Ramirez in Sun Valley, CA
Luis Ramirez in Long Beach, CA
Maria Consuelo Ramirez in Las Vegas, NV
Miguel Ramirez in Long Beach, CA
Teresa Rentz in Long Beach, CA
Angel Reyes in Hercules, CA
Anthony Reynolds in Winchester, CA
Tarshea Reynolds in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Christina Richardson in Haleiwa, HI
Bryan Rico in Bakersfield, CA
Mindy Rigney in Long Beach, CA
Vivian Rincon in MIneola, NY
Tracy Risso in Scappoose, OR
Robert Roberson in Bakersfield, CA
Jennifer Robinson in Reseda, CA
Kimberly Robinson in Huntington Beach, CA
Mechelle Robinson in Simi Valley, CA
Jose Robles in Long BEach, CA
Gloria Rocha in Los Angeles, CA
Michael Rocovitz in Henderson, NV
Jose Rodriguez in Huntington Park, CA
Suzie Rodriguez in Cameron, NC
Jeffrey Rogers in Lynwood, CA
Lorena Romero in Lakewood, CA
Sandra Romero in Seal Beach, CA
Jose Rubio in Ammon, ID
Wernher Rudolph in Long Beach, CA
Nathan Russell in Eureka, CA
Ahmed Sadi in Signal Hill, CA
Michael Salisbury in Sacramento, CA
Yolanda Salomon in Long Beach, CA
Tamara Salter in Long Beach, CA
Sovy San in Long Beach, CA
Anthony San Agustin
Brandy Sanchez in Santa Barbara, CA
Efrain Sanchez in Long Beach, CA
Louise Sanchez in Cypress, CA
Margoth Sandoval
Lorie Santiago in Kissimmee, FL
Evelyn Sawires in San Diego, CA
Melissa Say in Portland, OR
Gillian Schaefer in West Hills, CA
Matthew Schroeder in Seal Beach, CA
Sandi Jo Schroeder in Long Beach, CA
Pat Scott in Chino Hills, CA
Robert Scott in Rincon, GA
Sidney Scott in Long Beach, CA
Alva Seal In Long Beach, CA
Cristo Sedillo in Long Beach, CA
Sarun Sek in Long Beach, CA
Dina Seng in Long Beach, CA
Faamamata Senio in Riverside, CA
Clinton Shaw in Long Beach, CA
Sarah Shen in Berkely, CA
Jonathan Sherman in Mission Viejo, CA
Seung Shim in Cerritos, CA
Crystal Shoemaker in Santa Clarita, CA
Deborah Siegfried in San Jose, CA
Patty Silva in Madera, CA
Jermaine SImposn-Wilson in Corona, CA
Dok Singham in Lakewood, CA
Sakhorn Sipraseuth in Long Beach, CA
Noukhan Siprasoeuth in Carson, CA
Outhai Sisaat in Long Beach, CA
Eric SKelly in Long Beach, CA
Christopher Sledge in Lakewood, CA
Eilleen SMith in San Miguel, CA
Robert SMith in Los Alamitos, CA
Warner Gene "Geno" Smith in Los Angeles, CA
Ry Sok in Jacksonville, FL
Choeum Somkhit in Long Beach, CA
Ramy Sor in Lakewood, CA
Ret Sorn
Vannchan Sovanasy in Long Beach, CA
Kristine Spak in Newport Beach, CA
Shawney Specht in Conroe, TX
Paul Spencer in Carlsbad, CA
ANthony Spranger in Orange, CA
Dimitria St Clair in Long Beach, CA
Erin Steele in Henderson, NV
Brandee St Marie in Signal Hill, CA
Deidre Stewart in Long Beach, CA
Chad Stuart in Los Alamitos, CA
Samoeun Sui in Long Beach, CA
Chris Sundal in Long Beach, CA
Sophy Suos in Daly City, CA
Matt Sutton in Cypress, CA
Shay Steven Swanson in Los Angeles, CA
Angela Sweeney in Lakewood, CA
Ami Swick in Portland, OR
Cuong Sy in doraville, GA
Jonathan Symons in Winston Salem, NC